Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benefits of hearing SMS while driving

Do you know what the causes of distracted driving are? Are you aware of the fact that whenever you enjoy reading or sending messages while driving, you increase your chances of indulging in a car crash? What is more important for you- your life or texting? Just think about it whenever you are going to read or send messages while driving. Does a sms you are reading or sending is worth your life?

Although the management of US is taking many measures to let the people know about the dangers of texting while driving and to stop them from behaving this way, but is not getting as much success as it should. Knowing all the hazards of TWD, people are still taking the risks of their lives.

It is a high time to wake up and if you still want to communicate while driving, use such type of device which allows you to hear sms while driving instead of reading. Because while hearing messages, you can continuously place your hands on controls as well as concentrate on the road. is a free mobile app which provides you exactly what you need. You can easily download it onto your phone and it also lets you to hear sms.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A miraculous text to speech application

Texting while driving, which has been shown as a major cause of many accidents by many reports, is still in ample existence. It is not understandable why people are not taking this issue seriously. Regardless of many states are banning TWD, regardless of many fatal crashes, people are still texting while driving and indulging their and others lives in danger.

Although the administration is trying to warn the people of the danger of TWD from almost every medium, but the people are doing it anyway. The statistics reveal that approximately 50% of teens admit that they text while driving and this is really scary.

The big problem is that despite of bans imposed by many states, people are continuously doing it. The difficulty comes for the police is that they can’t implement a ban unless they really observe someone doing texting while driving.

TWD, being a very big predicament to safe driving, it must be stopped by all possible methods. With the use of hands-free devices, one can communicate without upsetting the safe driving. is such kind of device which lets you to hear sms while driving without even touching the phone. Thus you can fully concentrate on the road as you do not need to read the messages from the screen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Will the technology of hearing sms help in reducing the rate of accidents?

Nowadays, the US management is concerned for the regular increase in the rate of accidents. The accidents owing to distracted driving are increasing step by step and thus it has become the main concern of the administration. Though there can be the various grounds for the distracted driving like drinking, eating, listening to music or talking to someone, but the mobile phone use especially texting while driving has emerged out as a major cause for indulging many lives in danger.

Although the technology of mobile phones has made our lives very efficient, but there is also a darker side of it. People waste a lot of time in typing and receiving just fun messages from their friends, colleagues or closed ones. Moreover, while driving it has shown a very dangerous side to us.

So, what can be the solution for all these problems? Despite all the risks of these cell phones, we cannot deny the importance of them in our lives. What if we can come across an application which allows us to hear SMS while driving  or doing some other task? By this we can also save our time which wastes during typing or reading messages. is a perfect application for those who want safe communication while driving.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How hearing SMS can save your time?

Nowadays, when everyone is busy in his life, it becomes very difficult to keep time for social gatherings or communications. The mobile phones have solved all these problems a lot. These phones have made the world too small to feel afar. Sms, which is a very common feature of them require a lot of time to type and send the messages. However, sometimes the time schedules become so much tight that we do not have time even for typing and checking the messages. In such cases, we forget about our safety and make a blunder of texting while drivingor doing some other important work that needs a lot of concentration.

TWD has become a serious matter for all drivers of US as it is revealed out as a major cause of distracted driving leading to many accidents. Thus many states of US had banned the use of mobile phones while driving. However, one can use the hands-free devices to communicate even while driving. is a fresh launched application that will remove all your fears of distracted driving while communicating. Moreover, by this you can hear sms while driving thus you can save a lot of time of typing and reading messages. This application is responsible for handling all your messages by reading and sending them.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep in touch with your loved ones by hearing SMS

While the US is struggling with the problem of distracted driving owing to the use of cell phones while driving, most of the states had already imposed laws on banning it which means the driver will not be allowed to use of mobile phone either for talking or texting while driving.
However, the use of hands-free devices is permitted for communicating while driving. Despite of the fact that the mobile phones use is dangerous while driving, people want to keep in touch with their loved ones either by talking or exchanging messages. For safe driving, it is very important to entirely focus on the road which is not possible with hand-held devices as they require your hands and eyes to hold and see the phones and keys respectively.
Nonetheless, has appeared as a perfect solution for all your communication problems. It is a hands-free application which lets you to hear sms while driving or doing some other important work which demands fully concentration. Moreover, it is a free mobile app which you can effortlessly download onto your phone and enjoy hearing sms without indulging your and others lives in danger. It is very light in weight that it does not decelerate your phone battery.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Listen to SMS for safe driving

It really shocks when we see the people are taking the safe driving for granted and this is the reason that despite of all the alertness warnings from about every medium, there is no decline in the rate of accidents that happen every year.
There was the time when the drunk driving was considered as a major cause of accidents but now even a somber grown-up can wayward to inconsistency when he or she is using his/her mobile phone while driving because it leads to distracted driving.
An accident with damages is not just an issue of great suffering for the person concerned in it but also for the whole family of the sufferer Thus make sure the use of hands-free devices while driving so that your eyes and hands don’t get distracted. is a hands-free app that will solve all your problems of texting while driving. It is an application which lets you hear SMS while driving to assure your safe driving. It will recite all the messages which hit on your phone and also reply to them via your pregenerated messages. Furthermore, it can be easily downloaded on your phone without hassles. So just download it now and listen to SMS for safe and sound driving.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Avoid the risks of an accident by hearing sms while driving

Text messages were projected for swift exchange of data apparently for urgent situations though they are also used for just having fun. It has its benefits however, sadly, there are unconstructive effects also. Sometimes text messages can be more helpful for instance if you want to tell someone about your address or number it would be more convenient to send him a text message rather than on a phone call.

It has been announced several times that texting while driving is very unsafe and that it leads to dangerous accidents. It is a main cause of distracted driving and causes the driver to lose his concentration and control while driving. Many states of US have made reading and sending sms/emails while driving illegitimate.

So what do you think you should do in such a case? Are you going to avoid messages while driving? Well, there can be one more solution to this problem. Instead of reading and sending sms, why don’t you hear sms while driving? Surprised? is the name of an application which will let you communicate while safe driving. Just download this hands-free app to your mobile phone and enjoy listening sms/emails. Moreover, it is so light in weight that it won’t slow down your phone or drain battery.